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The Multiracial Identity Bundle

The Multiracial Identity Bundle

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Introducing The Multiracial Identity Bundle – an essential collection for uncovering, embracing, and understanding how to speak about multiracial identity! With a mix of tools, workbook activities, and guides, you can connect with your identity through personal essays, stories from other multiracial people, and myths and facts about the historical and political contexts regarding the multiracial experience.

Whether you’re just starting to explore your identity, the identity of your family, or want to celebrate your own multiracial heritage, The Multiracial Identity Bundle is an invaluable tool for those on a multiracial identity journey.

Included in this bundle:

  • Raising Multiracial Children
    • In a world where people are more likely to proclaim color-blindness than talk openly about race, how can we truly value, support, and celebrate our kids’ identities? How can we assess our own sense of Racial Dialogue Readiness and develop a deeper understanding of the issues facing multiracial children today?

      Raising Multiracial Children gives caregivers the tools for exploring race with their children, offering practical guidance on how to initiate conversations; consciously foster racial identity development; discuss issues like microaggressions, intersectionality, and privilege; and intentionally cultivate a sense of belonging. It provides an overview of key issues and current topics relevant to raising multiracial children and offers strategies and developmentally appropriate milestones from infancy through adulthood. The book ends with resources and references for further learning and exploration.

      Published by North Atlantic Books.

  • Being All of Me
    • An illustrated handbook for teachers and parents, outlines important aspects of identity, development, and reactions to challenging situations that impact our children on a daily basis. How can your transracially-adopted child effectively respond to uncomfortable questions?

      Being All of Me was created in partnership with Multiracial Americans of Southern California, and proceeds go to MASC and other programming to benefit multiracial families and children. It is an illustrated handbook with activities for parents and educators to use to support multiracial and transracially adopted children, including how to deal with microaggressions and a resources page.

      Being All of Me is also referenced in Raising Multiracial Children: Tools for Nurturing Identity in a Racialized World. 

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